Coidan Graphite Products is a specialist engineering company with 20 years experience of designing, and engineering solutions for industries using specialist materials such as Graphite.

We are based in Yorkshire on a purpose built site with state of the art manufacturing facilities and tools that enable us to produce one off engineered components or production runs of many hundreds of units to exacting specification requirements.

We specialise in the manufacture and supply of Carbon and Graphite products, such as graphite furnace parts, graphite insulation or bespoke graphite machined components. Our experience in working with speciality materials such as Graphite, Titanium and Tantalum is hard won and we are very proud of our achievements.

The success of our provision of furnace spares has by customer demand let to the provision of complete hot zone rebuilds, the supply of fully refurbished second hand furnaces, and new furnaces manufactured by Seco Warwick. In addition on the corrosion resistant side of the business we are long established partners and  agents for Titan Metal Fabricators – manufacturers of Tantalum and Titanium process equipment and vessels and Wilk Graphite purveyors of graphite heat exchangers and graphite process equipment.

Carbon and Graphite materials have properties which lead to their use in many applications in industries as diverse as aerospace, solar industry, medical equipment and heavy engineering.

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